Physical therapy has long offered modalities including electronic stimulation and mechanical traction.

Although not always appropriate, there are instances where the use of these is supported by literature. Our therapists are able to identify these and determine the best use of these to allow you to fully heal.

Mechanical Traction allows patients to unload the spine (cervical or lumbar). It has been shown to be effective when radicular symptoms are present.

Electronic Simulation can be used for several purposes: to decrease pain, to increase muscle recruitment/activation following injury or surgery to name a few.

Ask your PT today if these modalities may be right for you!


Voodoo flossing is a newer technique for self-myofascial release which addresses pain and decreased function or range of motion due to tight and restricted tissues or scar tissue surrounding joints.

The treatment involves using a very large and long rubber band that is wrapped tightly around a joint or muscle that is restricted. The treatment area is then moved passively and actively in variable positions to help mobilize, or “floss” the joint/muscle/or facia. This is done for no longer than 2 minutes at a time due to the amount of compression that is used to the body. It is believed that this technique allows for greater separation of restricted tissues to break down adhesions and scar tissue through both the compressive forces and the shearing effect applied to the treatment areas. This stimulates a physiological response of increased, and oxygen rich blood flow, promote healing, decrease pain and improve range of motion. Research is ongoing with this new treatment approach, though the results are encouraging.

Biofeedback The mTrigger® Biofeedback System uses surface electromyography (sEMG) instrumentation to measure the electrical activity produced by targeted muscle groups during therapeutic exercise.

Decreased EMG activity and neuromuscular control inhibit patients’ ability to regain pre-injury functionality. The primary rationale for the use of biofeedback in physical therapy is that monitoring voluntary muscle activation improves accuracy and quality of performance and helps patients make faster progress. When patients begin to use their own electrical system early on through volitional contraction, they gain both motor control and strength, as well as re-educate the neuromuscular pathway. By communicating muscle activity in real time, biofeedback enables the reacquisition of pre-injury performance. (information provided from )

Cupping treatment is a type of alternative manual therapy technique that can be utilized to help alleviate musculoskeletal conditions.

Cupping has been around for many centuries to treat many ailments, very similar to accupuncture. Physiologically, cupping creates a vacuum on the skin which allows a increased space between epidermis and superficial fascia layers to promote increased blood flow and other interstitial fluids more freely. This phenomenon is believed to promote healing, decrease pain and improve range of motion to the treatment areas. There are several types of cups that are used, Revolution Sport & Spine Therapy uses silicone cups. This type allows for more pliability which allow both static and a “moving/sweeping” motion across treatment areas of the body which is beneficial with scar management. This silicone also allows for variable levels of suction to the skin according to the patient’s tolerance.

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