Mavrick Kuzmin, PT, DPT

Mavrick is a dedicated and passionate physical therapist who was born and raised on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula in Nikolaevsk Village. After completing his physical therapy education in Michigan, Mavrick made the decision to return home to Alaska, eager to contribute his skills and expertise to his local community. 

With a strong interest in both orthopedics and neurologic rehabilitation, Mavrick is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise in these areas. He aspires to obtain board certification through the American Board of Physical Therapy, further enhancing his ability to provide specialized care to his patients. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mavrick finds solace and joy in the great outdoors. He particularly enjoys hiking in the majestic mountains that surround his hometown. Additionally, he has a passion for playing basketball and golf, engaging in these sports as a means of staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Mavrick’s love for travel is a driving force in his life. He has a deep desire to explore different parts of the United States and hopes to incorporate his passion for travel into his career as a physical therapist. By experiencing diverse cultures and healthcare practices, Mavrick aims to broaden his perspective and provide the best possible care to his patients. 

With his dedication to his community, commitment to ongoing education, and passion for exploration, Mavrick is poised to make a significant impact in the field of physical therapy. He is driven by a genuine desire to help others and is eager to continue growing both personally and professionally on his journey as a physical therapist. 

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