Cupping treatment is a type of alternative manual therapy technique that can be utilized to help alleviate musculoskeletal conditions.

Cupping has been around for many centuries to treat many ailments, very similar to accupuncture. Physiologically, cupping creates a vacuum on the skin which allows a increased space between epidermis and superficial fascia layers to promote increased blood flow and other interstitial fluids more freely. This phenomenon is believed to promote healing, decrease pain and improve range of motion to the treatment areas. There are several types of cups that are used, Revolution Sport & Spine Therapy uses silicone cups. This type allows for more pliability which allow both static and a “moving/sweeping” motion across treatment areas of the body which is beneficial with scar management. This silicone also allows for variable levels of suction to the skin according to the patient’s tolerance.

I absolutely love coming here! It is so much fun and everyone is so nice. I would definitely recommend coming to Revolution sport and spine.

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