So, you’ve taken the first steps of recovering from an injury or surgery, now to start the rehabilitation process! While there may be many fears, anxieties and questions regarding your specific injury, restrictions following surgery, you can at least go into your appointment confident “and comfortable” by choosing the right clothing.

This is one of the MOST asked questions!

Believe it or not, many patients have this same question, the answer can vary, however here is a general guideline to follow so your first appointment will go smoothly.

Dress comfortably: Many times the exam room or business may be too cold or warm.  Layering your clothing is best so that you can be comfortable in any temperature.  You may have to perform some type of exercises as well, so loose-fitting clothes that enable you to move freely will be important as well.

Cover appropriately: This is the variable part, depending on your injury or surgery your physical therapist will need to “see and move” the particular joint. Bring a pair of shorts or tank-top so that the therapist can examine your knee or shoulder.

Shoes: High heels, cowboy boots, flip-flops, and other types of shoes may not be the best choice as you may be performing some activities in a gym or perform specific tasks to get certain baseline measurements. Sneakers or another type of comfortable, flat-soled shoe are the best options.

Time to change: Even if you are coming from work or another function, there is always a room that you may be able to change into the proper clothes. Arrive a few minutes early so that you can change before your appointment!

If there are any other questions, of course, you can always call your PT’s office for further information.